By “action” we mean any individual or collective initiative [essays, silkscreen prints, publications, stickers, videos, photographs, performances, online actions, etc.] in response to the situation of the Aquarius, liable to bring this appeal into the public space, and to aim as far as the decision-making spheres of our Confederation. Each one according to his or her own possibilities. Through these actions, we want to create an artistic activity around the issue and its urgency, likely to revive the appeal in an insistent and varied way. We also suggest and support the gathering of active groups of people by region and/or institution.

We strongly encourage institutions to participate in the appeal by posting the manifesto in their buildings in the A0 poster format, or by hanging the larger banner on their walls. Any other form of involvement by the institutions is welcome. [Contact us for any question or suggestion.]

Please document any action you may do and send us a visual to help us gather all of them and feed the “Completed actions” link on the website.